Britney Spears DatingBritney Spears is said to be doing a little online dating. I can’t really imagine how this would work, being so famous, but apparently she hasn’t met any of the men, she just uses it for the ego boost and to get herself comfortable with the idea of dating again after her recent break-up with fiance Jason Trawick. He was the guy who totally looked like Sam Merlotte from “True Blood” if the angle was juuuust right and he wasn’t wearing his glasses. He’s also the one who wasn’t her creepy manager or Kevin Federline.

I can’t imagine that Brit is planting herself on OKCupid but I don’t really see her on Match either. And how does this even work? Is her profile photo of her arm or something? Does she ask the guys, “So, who are your celeb crushes?” Just to see? And what if they say, “I used to have a huge thing for Britney Spears but now, ehh.” And then what? THEN WHAT?

Though Spears has no job right now (jobs are like those things people do when they need to pay their bills, Lindsay Lohan) as a host on The X-Factor, there are reports that the major hotels on the Las Vegas strip are trying to sway her to take up residency, following in the tiny perfect French-Canadian footsteps of Celine Dion. Know what? I think that would bemarvelous for her. Let’s get Britney back to performing!

In the meantime, Brit, I can give you a tips on online dating. Tip #1: never let the guy pick the place. It’s always that same stupid hipster wine bar. Good luck, my sweet BB. Don’t let that jerk Timberlake get you down.

Photo of Britney Spears with her new puppy via her Twitter account. This is what all of his high-powered fast-paced technology was made for. P.S. BRITNEY MAKE THIS YOUR PROFILE PHOTO, IT’S TOTES CUTE AND SHOWS YOU’RE DOWN-TO-EARTH AND NATURALLY PRETTY!