the pullout methodMy sex partner and I have both been tested and have been cleared of all STDs. I don’t want to get on the pill nor does he like to wear condoms. The last thing we want right now is to get pregnant. He insists that pulling out right before ejaculation is enough to avoid a pregnancy as he’s done this many times in the past with other girlfriends and he’s never empregnated any of them. This is a serious issue for me because I am against abortion and if I actually did end up with a baby in my belly I would have to keep it, which is certainly not what I want right now at this stage of my life. Is pulling out a good option for us?

Pulling out, or coitus interruptus, is somewhat effective in preventing pregnancy. It’s not nearly as safe as other birth control options, but it does lower the chances of you getting pregnant.  In fact, 4/100 couples that rely solely on the pullout method will and do get pregnant every year.  The odds are surely in your favor, whether you want to take this risk is entirely up to you.

If you do decide to continue, there is something you can do make it more effective. Right before intercourse, have your partner urinate. This cleans the urethra and eliminates any traces of sperm that may have been left from a previous ejaculation. This is especially important for men who have multiple orgasms during a single session. Again, this is not 100%, but if you do decide to not use any other contraception this will work in your favor.