find local girlsWhere can I find local girls? I’ve been having a really hard time trying to find a woman online that’s interested in sleeping with me. I tried using Tinder but nothing good came out of it.

You want to avoid using Tinder. Tinder is setup in a way that can be very frustrating when you’re looking for a casual hookup. It’s gotten too popular and way too mainstream to be considered a decent sex dating app. There are very few women on there that will actually hook up with someone local, quickly.

What you want to do is to join a site that lets the women know when they sign up that the men they will meet are looking for women to hook up with for casual sex, with no strings attached whatsoever. That way, you know you’re at least courting the right females.

Another important factor is joining a site with a good male to female ratio. There’s nothing worse than signing up to a sex dating site that’s full of men and very few women.

Also, you want to join a site that lets you PM multiple females in a short period of time. A perfect example would be Social Sex.

Join, set up your profile and get in touch with lots of locals. You’ll find local girls there without a doubt that are eager to meet up and in a short period of time.