The History of Dating

History of Dating - Ancient Rome

Women’s rights in ancient Greece and Rome were practically non existent. From the moment they were conceived, women were owned. They were owned by their father before being under the auspices of their husband. Women were not allowed to sue people, be in government, part of social events, or even be the proprietor of a house.

The history of dating is based on old-fashioned courtship, which itself developed in a variety of ways from the traditional arranged marriages of much of human history. Courting means nothing more than soliciting and to solicit is to seek the love of another with marriage in mind. Imagine a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy arranging their marriage plans. Ludicrous in the 21st century, but several hundred years ago that was a common reality. The evolution of modern dating today has a totally new makeup when compared  to an era when “courting” was the operative word. The history of dating is rapidly changing.

Courting wasn’t perceived as a fling or casual romance but more of a family business proposition. Oddly, the main characters in the marriage process were not the bride and groom. Parents of the newlyweds made all the decisions. Families often sat down to discuss how this marriage would benefit not only the bride and groom, but the respective clans. Marriage was more than two young people getting together but rather two families uniting.

In  colonial America, romance had a small role in marriage and the more critical element was to find a woman who could bear children to help share the heavy workload that life demanded.

During the mid-1800s there was a shortage of women in the rapidly-expanding West. Men often placed ads like this one, which appeared in an Arkansas newspaper:

“Any gal that got a bed, calico dress, coffee pot and skillet, knows how to cut out britches and can make a hunting shirt, knows how to take care of children can have my services till death do us part.”


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Every day life demanded less romance and more of what a woman could bring to the table.The 1960s gave birth to feminism and the birth control pill. Still, traditional courtship existed.Fast forward to the 20th century where romance played an increasingly considerable role in the evolution of the history of dating . In the 1950’s courtship was formal and elaborate. The relationship began by going steady, getting more serious and then engaged, mother and father always keeping vigil.In that same era, dating services found their way on to the scene. Back then, big computers helped people find a mate.

And long before the days of shows like “The Bachelor,” 1965 brought us “The Dating Game,” the forerunner in TV dating shows for singles.

History of Dating 1960sThe no holds barred 1970s were the pioneer in modern dating and changed the history of dating. The general consensus was; ”Who needs to be married to have sex?”. Bars began to host a large number of young people wanting to have nothing more than a good time.

New technology spawned  in the 1990s and the history of dating got a new facelift once again. As the internet boomed, singles were able to meet in new ways. Men and women could post personal profiles on a virtual bulletin board and then get to know each other through e-mails.

Pen pals became keyboard companions that exchanged pleasantries more than once a month. You can get to know each other before even meeting for coffee. Kissing on first dates increased and young couples found an easy way to please their carnal needs.

Today, dating has never been easier. Anyone and everyone can have access to an online dating website. Discerning internet website dating has great results. Finding the right dating site is the key. Almost 33 percent of singles meet online today and that number will only increase with time.

Making a membership increases your chances to find a mate. Why would you go out to a bar, spend 50-60 dollars on a couple of drinks, look for a potential mate only to fail once again because every Tom, Dick and Harry are staring down the same young woman as you. Dejected, you get in your car and drive home. I hope for your sake, not impaired. From the comfort of your own home, you can sip on some tea while the opposite sex is reading your profile and deciding what the “opening line will be”.  

And this modern method of dating isn’t just for the lascivious young people out there. Today, people work longer hours more than ever. Time has become a luxury some simply can’t afford. Give online dating a chance.