Is Online Dating Worth it?Is online dating worth it

These days, more and more people find themselves struggling for a balanced love life and a composed private sphere. As the online world plays a great part in the day-to-day routine, it also dictates our attitude towards our relationships. With several online dating sites available, our options are open but a question is still hanging in the air: Is Online dating worth it? In the following lines, I’ve tried to gather together the most distinct features, and the answer is definitely worth reading.

Q: Is Online Dating Worth it?

Part 1) Options

While your options may be limited in your everyday reality and existing social circle (I mean, well, how many people can you really meet via friends, at work or your local bar/ market?), it’s not quite the same in the virtual world. Here your options are numerous and there is a chance to meet people coming from all parts of the world, every social status and background. It’s up to you to find the right one,  corresponding to your needs, and not compromising the other way around.

Verdict: Is Online Dating Worth it? Yes!

Part 2) Flexibility

You usually can’t find the extra minutes to devote to your social life. More often than not, there is no time wasting in getting all trimmed and ready for a date. In online dating you don’t have to deal with all the minor details. Do you feel like going out and meeting new people? Now you can just login and enjoy the thrill of meeting someone new from the comfort of your own house. No need to adjust your makeup or find a suitable outfit.

Verdict: Is Online Dating Worth it? Absolutely!

Part 3) Confidentiality

Let’s assume that you are craving for romance, but you’re a private person, not excited about people starting questioning and getting all nosy. You want to be carefree and enjoy your privacy. In online dating you can remain anonymous and be sure that no one is going to find out about your ventures. If that’s what you want, you can even pretend to be someone else, or better just a refined version of yourself.

Verdict: Is Online Dating Worth it? It is if you value your privacy!

Part 4) Detachment

Do you usually fret about your love life or find yourself obsessing about the idea and only? I’m glad to let you know that in online dating you are not going to deal with all that. As easy as it might be to register and start dating, it’s even easier to logout and take your time to reconsider, do your own stuff and concentrate on your life. Let yourself enjoy the luxury of deciding when and whether you are going to deal with your dates, and don’t overthink it, or let anyone enter your real world before being absolutely determined to do so.

Verdict: Is Online Dating Worth it? Your call!

Part 5) Change of Heart

It’s only human: you changed your mind. At first you thought there was something special about the one you met online, but after a few chats and/ or video calls you started reconsidering. Well, the greatest thing about online dating is that you are free to enjoy the benefits of dating without any of the drama. No strings attached and no feelings hurt. Do you want to stop dating? Just speak it out and move on, without having to argue about it. You don’t have to engage in any emotional scenario, if you are not that type of a character. Just let it go.

Verdict: Is Online Dating Worth it? You’ve got options!


I believe it is quite clear from the above that there are several different advantages regarding online dating. Sure, it’s not easy to take that decision, or it wouldn’t be wise to totally depend on your online dating life and neglect your conventional social skills, as the point is to eventually turn your online date to a real life one. But in the end, is online dating worth it? Definitely think so.