is she cheating on meWe’ve been married for almost ten years and recently I find myself wondering if she’s cheating on me. I can’t say I have proof that she’s having an affair but my instincts rarely fail me. One of the main reasons I am having these thoughts is the fact that she’s being overprotective of her phone which is something she never used to do. I would play games on her phone and all of a sudden she denies me use of her phone. Can it be something else? Am I being paranoid for nothing?

You’ve got every reason to be suspicious. That’s actually a sign that can’t be ignored. Unless you can think of another reason why she would all of a sudden cut you off from using her mobile, you should continue to look into it.

Here are some signs you can look for to further your investigation on the matter.

  • Pay attention to her closest friends’ behaviour. More often than not, they know something you don’t. Have they changed towards you? Do they seem any different around you? This is a good way to see if there’s something going on that you’re unaware of.
  • Is she starting fights with you with no apparent reason? Usually, the infidel’s guilt will cause them to pick fights with their partner for no reason at all.
  • Is she lying about little things? Catching her in small lies is an indicator that she is trying to cover a much bigger lie.
  • Is she suddenly more concerned about her appearance than she normally would be? This too is a sign of wrongdoing on the woman’s part. 

Don’t jump the gun. Don’t accuse her of cheating even if she displays some or even all of these signs of infidelity. It is absolutely imperative that you are 100% certain that she is cheating before you accuse her of this. Accusing your partner of doing something which they are not can really put a strain on the marriage, especially when accusing her of being unfaithful.