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If your frantic way of life does not correspond to your romantic dreams, and you find yourself alone and disappointed, then you are only one of many that find it hard to balance career with a stable relationship. Let’s say that you have already tried everything else, and still cannot find your special someone: you begged your friends, tried blind dating, joined a number of activity groups, and finally gave up and decided to create your online dating profile. And now what? I’m sure you’ve been browsing through the internet for online dating advice since you’ve made up your mind, and found nothing but clichés. If you are looking forward to some practical online dating advice, then do consider the following:


Be Open-Minded

Beware: This advice is applicable to everyday dating as well. Just give it a chance. I am not really telling you to keep your expectations low; actually considering the number and variety of people out there, that would be the worst online dating advice ever. But you should not keep on living in your fairytale and expect someone to fulfill each and every one of your requirements. Sorry I don’t want to be nasty, but I’m here to give you honest online dating advice, not just say what you want to hear.


Try Not to Lie (a lot)

Well I bet you’ve done it already. Now try to go back, take a look at your online dating profile and re-edit it. I’m well aware that lying is an essential part of human interaction. This in not another online dating advice: it’s about life. We all tend to give a light, glamorized version of ourselves in the beginning of a relationship. But at some point truth comes out. And it usually hurts. So try to be yourself and you won’t regret it. The point is to find someone who wants you just the way you are.


Do not Get Easily Disappointed

One thing is for certain: ‘What is the best way to get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice.’ This is the best online dating advice one may get. If your first attempt was a complete disaster, and the one you thought as your potential prince/ princess proved nothing but a frog, then you should not just stop. Keep your chin up and go get the next one.


Do Not- Do Not- Do Not Ever Give any Money

Last but not least, the most useful online dating advice: do not trust your wallet to someone you’ve met online. Unfortunately, it’s a cruel world and you may believe you found your soul mate, and just end up with a scammer. Millions of excuses may be provided, but still, you wouldn’t ask for money from someone you’ve just met online, would you?


Wasn’t that the kind of online dating advice you’ve been expecting? Let me just say that in the end, there is no such thing as great online dating advice: it’s only a matter of perspective.