I’m sure you have your reasons for wanting to keep your dating app usage discreet. I’m not here to judge anyone. I’m simply here to provide you insight into the tools that will make your life easier. What should you look for when searching for a secret dating app that will allow you to keep your hookups discreet?

  • The Ability to Control Push Notifications
  • Control over Whether or Not You Want to Receive Email Notifications
  • No SMS Notifications
  • Discreet Billing
  • Safe Database that is not Susceptible to Hacks

After Ashley Madison’s BIG hack, users are even more careful about where they sign up. For married men and women that seek a discreet encounter, this is probably their main concern. It may shock you to see that we’ve actually listed Ashley Madison on our list. Not only did we list it, but we’ve listed it as the top choice for someone seeking a secret dating app. Why? Read on to see why we still believe Ashley Madison is the very best choice for anyone looking to keep their sex encounters unknown.

#1 Ashley Madison (Yes, we Know they Were Hacked in Past)

Secret Dating App - ashley madison

It may seem silly to see Ashley Madison at the very top of this list. I mean, they were the victims of one of the biggest online dating hacks in history. The important thing is that not only did they learn from their mistakes, but they’ve taken that experience and made Ashley Madison a bulletproof option for discreet affair seekers. To make sure this never happens again, they’ve taken every precaution imaginable. Most dating sites would have folded after having their database leaked to the public. Ashley Madison not only did not fold, but they’ve managed to grow since then against all odds. Why? Because with all the added security measures they’ve implemented, they’ve managed to regain people’s trust. Which is a key element when running a marital affair site.

Safety isn’t the only reason we’ve listed Ashley Madison at the very top. We believe that their huge database of active and eager members make it one of the easiest sites to hook up on. Results and safety combined make this an awesome choice for anyone seeking a secret dating app that works.


#2 AdultFriendFinder

Secret Dating App - Adultfriendfinder

What do you get when you join a hookup site that has over 80 million users worldwide? Results!

Adult Friend Finder has been around since the dawn of the internet and continues to dominate this space to this very day. By monitoring and regularly cleaning out their database, the experience you get on AFF is top notch. They know that in order to be successful, discretion is extremely important. They’ve managed to gain the trust of their members for more than two decades by providing a safe user experience. They take discretion just as seriously as you do and are an excellent choice for anyone that’s looking for a secret dating app that yields results.



Secret Dating App - pure app

New on the scene, PURE is gaining momentum and becoming a decent little app to add to your arsenal. PURE’s database is not as big as the previous 2 dating apps we mentioned, but can still be used successfully if you live in a large city that’s already adopted PURE as their go-to dating app. PURE’s founders take secrecy to a whole new level. They reinvest a lot of their income back into the app to make this one of the safest secret dating apps out there. We’ve tried PURE and can say it’s a decent choice. With time, as their database grows and they expand to more rural areas, PURE can become a monster in the online dating scene. We’re rooting for them. Actual hookups may be a little more difficult to obtain at the moment due to their smaller size but this is a definite must-try.



Secret Dating App - Grindr

Whether you’re gay, bi-sexual, or just a little curious, GRINDR is a good way to find some discreet fun with other men. If you’re married and looking to experiment with another man, chances are, you’re afraid of having your affair exposed. This is a situation where secrecy and discretion are a must. You can count on GRINDR to provide you with a discreet experience from beginning to end.



Secret Dating App - down app

An excellent choice for anyone seeking an anonymous fling with no strings attached. The members on DOWN are all looking for one thing. They want to “Get Down”. DOWN claims to be the most discreet secret sex dating app available on the market. Their claims are not without merit. They’ll do everything to keep your information, intentions, and hookups discreet. Similar to other dating apps that haven’t been on the market for decades, results are very location oriented. Meaning, if you’re not in a big city, your odds of actually hooking up with someone are slim.