sites like fuckbookThe idea behind Fuckbook is to hook up two people who are simply looking for a casual sex encounter. Two people who want nothing to do with each other, other than some good ol’ fashioned no strings attached sex. That’s the idea, but it becomes rather difficult for most men on Fuckbook since more than 90% of their real members are males. This gives the average man on Fuckbook a horrible success rate. After setting up multiple accounts in different cities, it became quite apparent that we were not going to connect with anyone. And we weren’t wrong. We were unable to set up a single hookup after a month of premium membership on each account.  There are many sites like Fuckbook that have the same intentions but a lot more women on them. If you’ve been struggling to meet any real locals using Fuckbook, try one of the sites we’ve listed on our homepage.

If you don’t want to go through them all, currently, the one site that stands out from all the other sex dating sites in terms of helping men find women for casual sex, is Social Sex. They’ve been marketing heavily to women this past year and the male signups have fallen behind. This is terrific for the male members. It’s a site like Fuckbook, only much better in terms of gender ratios. The women are always eager and ready.

One tip that will help you make the best out of your membership is to thoroughly fill out your bio. When women use the search function, they look at a lot more than just a man’s photo. You’ll be losing out on a lot of connections by being lazy so take the time to do it right.