Boston's nightlifeA national survey shows that Boston is one of the most active cities in the United States when it comes to internet dating. People are quite sexually active in the capital of Massachusetts and they are always in the search for new prospects to have fun with. During this research, the privacy of the members was respected to the fullest, only statistical numbers were recorded.

For Starters, you’ll find more Bostonians on iHookup than any other sex dating site.

Finding a casual partner online in Boston is not going to be very difficult if you’re part of the right community. 69% of women find a sex date when searching online in Boston, while 32% of men are succesful. When using iHookup, 91% of women found what they were looking for and an astoniching 76% of men managed to “get in a woman’s pants”.

Bostonian’s five favorite places for a first date

boston first date idea

Boston Common

1. Boston Common

2. Institute of Contemporary Art

3. Museum of Science

4.Cambridge Brewing Co.

5.Out for a drink

The next part was about the most popular dishes on first dates. As you can imagine there was a huge variety of answers, but these five stood out from the rest:

lucky's lounge

Lucky’s Lounge

1.Valencia paella at TORO

2.Fried pickles and dirty martinis at LUCKY’S LOUNGE

3.Dessert and wine pairing at LE PATISSIER AT TROQUET


5.East vs.West Coast oysters at UNION BAR AND GRILLE

The most common activity on first dates was alcohol consumption. Beers, cocktails, and wine seemed to show up in almost everyone’s first date. What was astounding was the fact that Bostonians drinking on the first date was 20% more popular than anywhere else in the United States. The people of Boston know that alcohol facilitates first dates.

According to the statistics, the best neighborhood to go for a date night is Somerville’s Davis Square.

Male and female daters in Boston have similar opinions about what they find important in their relationship partner.

71% of men and 89% of women are seeking someone who will treat them with respect.

70% of men and 79% of women are looking for someone that they can trust and confide in.

Other than that, 71% of men find it very important for their partner to be comfortable to communicate or share her needs and desires, while 44% of women are looking for someone with a great sense of humor and can make them laugh.

56% of men and 44% of women would politely explain that they are not interested in a second date.

17% of men and 33% of women would be evasive about their feelings.

11% of men would write an email or a text message while 24% of women would ignore calls, messages, emails, etc.

When it comes to who has to pay on the first date the answers were:

39% of men and 53% of women said there is no hard-and-fast rule, could be either person, depending on the situation.

50% of men and 30% of women think that the man should pay.

11% of men and 17% of women think that the woman should pay.

How long should you wait until you have sex?

86% of men and only 74% of women answered: when the other person is ready.

11% of men and 12% of women think after the third date.

12% of men want to have sex on the first date while 36% of women want to have sex after they have agreed on an exclusive relationship.

Boston’s Museum of Science is a great way to spend an afternoon getting to know someone.