verify dating membersI’m so sick of these fake profiles on dating sites! Every time a decent looking girl gets in touch with me, she ends up not being a real person. Why don’t they verify the members??? disgruntled Danny

Hey Danny! Fake profiles on dating sites seem to be common practice pretty much everywhere. Due diligence is a must! If something seems too good to be true, it probably is! Keep your eyes open and watch for the signs.

That being said, I recently came across a site that I think you’ll enjoy! BANGMATCH.COM

BangMatch offers free membership to all their females members. The catch is that they must provide ID to verify their account. This ensures 100% real female profiles. The same goes for transsexuals and couples. Men, on the other hand, don’t need to provide any ID, but they’re charged a monthly fee to maintain decent “male:female” ratios.

We ran a test with 6 different male accounts in 6 different states and the results were very positive. 1 of our profiles got a date within the first night, 3 got a date within the first week and the other one has yet to connect with anyone.

If you’re okay with throwing a few dollars at a dating site, this is definitely a great option. It’s not yet listed on our directory as we have yet to complete our thorough testing. BangMatch has already met 26 of the 30 criteria points required to make it on our list and I’m pretty sure we’ll be adding it within the next couple weeks or so.